Business without Borders

In the aftermath of the crisis in Haiti, there’s been a lot of talk about Doctors without Borders. They’re a fantastic organization that brings medical care to developing countries in the midst of crises. There’s also a Reporters without Borders group that works to monitor journalistic freedoms worldwide. Several other groups like these exist for engineers, lawyers, and other groups of professionals. However, one that’s notably missing is a group dedicated to connecting some of the great business minds of the developed world with countries that are trying to grow their economy into something sustainable.

Social entrepreneurship and for profit philanthropy are the non-profits of the 21st century. People are constantly looking to create sustainable initiatives for developing countries, but they seem to only want to fund them, rather than try to teach people what that truly means. There needs to be a group dedicated to educating and coaching the in-country entrepreneurs.

Eventually this could offer lots of opportunities for investments from the developed world into developing countries. By having people there on the ground that they’re used to doing business with, it could offer an extra layer of insurance. It could become an angel fund. College students could have a chance to help out in developing countries by putting their business skills to work.

This could be a great way for companies to extend their skills to places that could benefit, and then work to invest in that country by having a continual presence on the ground. If you’ve read about where population growth will be in the coming decades, then you undoubtedly recognize that having a presence in some of the developing countries of today can reap huge dividends later on. This would all be on top of just doing something good for others.

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