Prove it pt. 2

So how do you tap into existing credibility as a brand? Well, you have to enable people to be ambassadors for your brand. You have to make them feel special. Social media gives lots of opportunities for this.

You can talk with customers directly in a public forum, like Twitter or Facebook.

You can send them something special in the mail that’s not just an ad.

You can give them special deals. But only if they’re actually special. Email newsletters haven’t made people feel special since 1998.

In short, you can interact with them. And with sincerity. Gone are the street teams that small bands used to put together that consisted of sending stickers for kids to pass out at concerts. Instead, companies are using things like the Maker’s Mark Ambassador program. This is a special program that’s not open to everyone, so it’s exclusive. People don’t just talk about it, they brag about it. They get special deals that aren’t available to everyone. People who previously were just whiskey aficionados are now Maker’s Mark aficionados. That’s their brand. They’ve taken a stake in it.

Once you bring people on board, you just have to treat them like they’re customers you want to keep. Make them feel special, and they’ll make their friends jealous. Then, people are talking to others, using their own credibility. And they’re bringing your brand along for the ride.

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