Prove it pt. 1

Everyday we’re inundated with advertisements everywhere. By my own, non-scientific methods, each person see approximately 2.5 million ads a day (don’t ask how I got that number). Companies are always looking to invest in the methods of marketing that are the most effective. Sometimes those can be the cheapest. Let’s look at two scenarios:

A)B)Scenario A is of a company trying to get new customers by using traditional one-way mediums. The consumer gets told a message by the company and then moves on. Now multiply that by 2.5 million. If that ad didn’t stand out, then they’ve already forgotten it. If it stood out for the wrong reasons, they’ll make fun of it later. If it stands out for the right reasons, then they may or may not believe you.

Now look at Scenario B. It’s two people discussing things. Maybe the person on the left really enjoys a type of food, and is telling their friend on the right about it. Instantly, this claim has credibility because it’s coming from a real human being, not a carefully edited message. Even if they’re both just at an airport bar and don’t have a history, the guy is probably more likely to believe it. Now if you change that to a friend and he’s got a very positive impression of it in his mind. Even if he doesn’t buy that dish right now, it’ll stick with him.

So why is this post titled “prove it”? Because in today’s world we face messages everyday of varying credibility. You can and should try to build your credibility as an organization. But one of the best ways to to gain credibility is to let other people use theirs.

Pt. 2 will be up tomorrow to discuss some ways to do this.

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