Rage Against the (Simon Cowell Pop Star) Machine

So I hope by now that everyone has seen this post http://bit.ly/7BGirP. Basically in Britain, there’s a contest every year for best Christmas song (If you’ve seen Love Actually, you know what I’m talking about), and this year everyone banded together against the status quo. They used a Facebook campaign to get everyone together to buy 500,000 copies of their album from 1992, instead of an X-Factor winner that everyone expected to win.

Now that’s pretty funny. I’m pretty sure neither side was too upset since those two sold almost one million albums combined. But think about the power people have expressed here. They voted against the favorite. It was for something meaningless, but people did go out and spend quite a bit of money to make this happen. My question to you is: What are you going to do that makes people this excited about buying your product or service?

In the past this would’ve just been an underground movement that probably wouldn’t have gone anywhere. But when people see they’re apart of something bigger, they tend to act differently. Can you use your non-profit to inspire people against apathy and champion your cause? Can you offer such good service that people tell all their friends about you? Can you take an upset customer and make him your biggest fan?

That’s the power of social media. It not only changes how we do business, but it creates new opportunities for those who work with it, not against it.

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